Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Your mom? Really

When you are talking and he says, 'So my mom asked about you....' yeah I literally wanted to jump out of my own skin. Then he proceeds to tell you about YOU. I told my mom this, and this....Then all I wanted to do was thank him for listening. Our situation is so different and unique that even though our time apart is the worst our time together is special and wonderful. I don't have many words for what I am feeling.

The way he looks at me, calls me babe when he thinks I am being cute and grins at me when he feels as if I am being shy those things I cherish. The way he pulls me closer to rub my shoulder when he thinks I am moving weird. The fact that my 'WIFE' LOVES HIM. The fact that Jordan comes first for us both. (The fact that his mom has offered to watch Jordan so we can go out on a date) The way his hand feels with mine.

That isn't everything but that's enough to make this girl look forward to seeing him again.

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