Monday, July 8, 2013

Wow you have me now don't ya?

So needless to say I have gotten myself all happy and taken. He is an AMAZING guy who sadly lives pretty far away from me but I enjoy being in the country with him. The horses, the air, the random kids singing outside of the grocery store (yeah that shit happened) The best part? My kid LOVES it there. She loves the country life... Like seriously. its like I had no hand in raising her. She wants to go horse back riding. All that junk. While I am all like why doesn't my cell work out here?!?! LMAO.

Him and her have SO much in common with the video games and comic books. They sit and yak away about them. Its adorable but bores me to tears. We all went to see the new Superman movie and they both talked about it like crazy.... Like seriously I don't think I have ever met my own kid!

I am one happy girl, all smitten and totally happy. Now I just need to get into this apartment I want and maybe a tiny bit closer to him and life will be amazing.

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