Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My outlet

I use this as an outlet because all my closest friends are in a different state now. I mean other than a few but with schedules and distance its hard to get alone time to talk to them. I like to clear my head. Some times when I type in here its just to get the gunk out of my head. I doubt myself, I pick apart my everything so when I come into my blog I begin to feel better about myself. Doesn't get rid of all that gunk BUT it does make me see things a bit differently.

So dating an amazing guy, my kid is excelling in gymnastics, my job is going well and I think my car has stopped throwing a fit for at least this week I have so much to be thankful for. Getting a second part time job seems to be like an only option today I can't continue to live paycheck to paycheck and not move out. So my goal for August is to find a part time job and put that WHOLE paycheck in savings so I can move out soon. I know Steve has a similar savings idea but I think he just needs to worry about his things for a minute before he puts me first. I am not used to a guy who wants to put me first. I spent a LARGE part of my last relationship wondering if I would even be first on his list....

On Monday he surprised me by driving up to see me, at least half way, and so I took him to the water front and we watched the sunset. I felt like there was nothing in the world that was in our way. He looks at me and its like the world doesn't exist. I can't wait to start and end my day looking at him.

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