Monday, July 22, 2013

Bumpy Rides

I have never been with someone this honest. Who sat and listened to me throw an angry fit and then cry on the phone and was totally unaffected by it. Not in a wow he must be unemotional but in a he is really hearing me kind of way.

We began talking 4 weeks ago. It was supposed to just be a boost to myself. This guy is nice. He says pretty things. Lets keep him around. I had just stopped talking to the first guy I dated after he who shall never be named again. (Though the new guy did come running back to find me gone, not my problem) We have been texting since that date? June 24th. Every day is a new surprise. Every word is a hug around me.

On Friday Jordan and I drove down and he took her fishing. The pics I got from this event have become the most beautiful things in my life. The way he just talks to her. He looks at her in a way that NO ONE other than me has looked at her. Beautiful.

Then on Saturday I had come to the conclusion that if I didn't find a way to see him I wouldn't see him all weekend. His family farm was getting their hay bailed so he was needed at home. So I decided since I was headed down south for a football game that I would leave early and surprise him. I wasn't so sure when his lunch was but I was certain by the time I left home that I was missing it. So he then began talking about his lunch and how he had not gone on it yet when I was getting into town. So I asked when and it was 30 minutes away. I was so excited! No Way! So we stopped at a store bought him some cookies and then sat outside his work for all of two minutes before he appeared. The look on his face was PRICELESS. I wish I would have gotten a pic. He was SOO shocked. It was a good 30 minutes just hanging out. I am so glad I got that. He left beaming. It was a great feeling.

Here is my song to him today....

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