Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not going TOO fast

Ok so there was a moment there where he just KNEW how I felt about him... I thought I was being slick and ummm nope he can read me better than any person I have ever met. So we were talking, and what about it totally irrelevant, and he says 'OMG YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH ME AREN'T YOU?!?!'  lol ummm well.... and with that he knew my secret.

The next verbal step here is saying things out loud. TO HIM. Ok so I tell OTHERS he is my bf, I just haven't worked up the courage to tell him. Why? I honestly don't know why the words won't come out. I know who this guy is. I KNOW HIM. Like he knows me, I guess at least kind of. Its so random that I can't say it. I mean we did meet a short time ago but I know this is going to sound so freaking stupid but within 5 minutes of meeting him I wanted to never leave his side. He drew me in and held me close and I haven't looked back.

We talk about our future like its all we need. We talk about our kids, my kid included, and our home and our lives like they are already happening. I spend my whole day looking at my phone waiting to see what beautiful thing he says next to me.

Yesterday tested everything. I kind of went all bratty and I couldn't stop it. At the end of the day he was still calling me and telling me he missed me and wasn't going anywhere. I think I met the man of my dreams and all I had to do was screw up a million times to get here.

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