Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wanting my happiness

So I have begun speaking with my son's dad. Not for any reason but I need to move on from that situation and give him more. For the first time since we broke up I feel normal speaking to him. Its been 13 years since we really SPOKE. Which sounds odd but its the truth.

I like having that bond back. We were good together and I admit that. He helped me remember who I wanted to be when I was that young. I am not that person. Its sad.

Next step....MY CAR!! AHHHHH :D

Friday, January 25, 2013

The one about Chris...

So I was having a hard day on Monday and I couldn't figure it out.

It was weird so I was talking about Chris' sister and where she lived and I seriously can NEVER figure it out! So I looked it up on Facebook and there it was.....

Ben died.....

Not keeping score, I know but Ben was Chris' younger brother. Him and I had just began talking and I had, had hopes to meet him soon since I work by where him and Summer were living. I am so completely sad over this. I honestly was so torn up over this guy passing and I barely knew him.

My hopes about it. Well since we have no clue what heaven is like I can only hope that Chris and Ben were reunited and are together now.

This world is so lonely without Chris. His smile and bright eyes and his laughter.

He was such a great person. I am sure Ben, from what I knew, was a great person.

What is the worst is their poor mom. I am so sad for her. I loved her and miss our friendship everyday. She cared about me so much and I walked away from them because I wasn't ready to be an adult and here I am today.

Chris, I love you. I hope you are happy to have your brother. I hope you are now able to rest in peace.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Only Saying This Once

Listen I am not in a relationship, today, but I am going to say what has been in my gut for nearly 6 months now. Some of this is new drama, which has developed over time, some of it is from JULY but I have been ignoring it with hopes that it would fade lets face it I am not a 'fester' kind of girl. First off: I left HIS ASS!!

Ok so lets cycle through this. This ass went on a 'work trip' which ended up being code for work for 5 hours and play in Vegas with my buddies for two days and loose a shit ton of money. Did he mention it before he left? No. Did he act like it was no big effing deal when he came back? Right-o.

So he left me with $300 for gas, a costco trip, groceries and a special food night for me and the kids. I should mention we had a nissan xterra which took a shit ton of gas. I hadn't been to costco in a while so that was already pricey and then groceries. Add to the fact that we had a deal that I wouldn't have to be alone with his child because she is mentally unstable and really digs into me when he wasn't around. So many things wrong here. So anyways a few weeks past and nothing is discussed. Then one day he attacks me in a disagreement and I got a bad feeling.

So I went for proof. I checked his sent emails. I had done it from time to time to check on things between him ans his daughters school or teacher so he knew I would. So I found an email from him and I should copy and paste his nasty, disgusting and hateful words on here but its not worth it. Long story short he stated I stole $400 dollars from him, when he gave me three for the house, and that he was to evict me from my house and how I was like his ex wife. Ok while I don't hate her now I am nothing like her.

Two: not paying rent. Letting people move in without my permission. Letting his child cut holes in the expensive screens in the home we were renting. Letting that same home go into ruins. Yeah this guy is a winner.

Three: This is one of the BEST things. He has a restraining order on me...... Laughable! First off in order to have an ORDER of protection you have to go out court and PROVE that I am a threat.....
yeah good luck there. Secondly IF you were given an order of protection I would have needed to be served by a sherrif and the last time I checked one NEVER knocked on my door...... Nice try but you fail.

Fourthly: This is a kicker. That I hit, or abused his kid. This one really pissed me off. It was her go to when she was done with someone. Her mother, she step father, her grandmother and her teachers or classmates.Someone is always beating this kid. I admit I fell victim to it when it came to a few of those but there is no way in this WORLD I would have done that. I am thankful I was looking for my easy out and apparently so was he because this was what apparently pushed him and it pushed me to go running.

Fifth: I am going to copy and paste this email, yeah its a new one....
So he bragged to MY friend about how he was skipping out on rent and how the landlord didn't care and yadda yadda and then mentioned the restraining order BS so I contacted one of those people he was letting with with him who WAS MY FRIEND might I add and well here is our convo.

  • Chelsie Burke
    You should tell your 'roomate' that in order to have a restraining order against me I need to be served by a sheriff. Not that he would be granted one with the witnesses I have. Secondly that he should never trust people. Or 'bitch' about me to MY friends.
    • Monday
    • A
      You should keep me out of yours and his drama and tell him yourself. I wouldn't have you relay messages to my ex. Come on now
      • Chelsie Burke
        I don't talk to him. I am smarter then that. He is blocked from contacting me in any way shape and form. I know better. He is a nut case after he threatened my life in front of my child and my friend he is lucky his ass isn't in jail.
        • Chelsie Burke
          And the minute you moved into the house with my name in it without talking to me about it you lodged yourself in between Greg and I
          • A
            You should've taken yourself off like he's been trying to have the landlord do.
            • Chelsie Burke
              Yeah you don't think I have spent COUNTLESS HOURS on the phone begging them and emailing them too?!?! Getting my ass lectured about my minutes because I continuously call them and wait on hold and call different people begging to clear my name. If he would have caught up they were finally willing to remove me. But they knew he would never catch up. He can blame himself for that.
              • Chelsie Burke
                The fact that you only know his side of the story tells me you were too willing to believe all his lies anyways. If you cared about me like you said as a friend you would have asked me my side of the story instead of throwing his in my face. I know both sides and have heard his from more than one person. All my friends came to me to clarify the story after he told his.....

                So there is that. She WAS my friend and I did delete her in the process of this drama because I know better. So the next morning this is what I wake up too. Now keep in mind I HAVE NOT contacted him other then to tell him I was shutting the power off THREE DAYS before I had it scheduled to shut off. This was also the day after I moved. I could have had the power shut of immediately but thats beside the point I have a heart. So here is his email to me. 

                G <>
                Jan 22 (2 days ago)
                to me
                I hoped i would never have to mention anything to you again, but of course that doesn't happen with someone of your caliber.

                If you don't get it by now maybe this will help, I am done with you, and all your shit.   Now you can be an adult and leave me and anyone associated with me alone, none of us have time for nor want any of your drama.

                Thats all, I hope you grow up and move on.

                HAHAHA sorry but I find this extremely AMUSING! Btw I still talk to half of his friends.....Even a family member. Its just the one chick I blocked in the last few days that I don't :)

                Ahhhh I am so relaxed now. 

                I will post tomorrow I think. I have another story to tell. If you have been following about Chris, my ex, this will interest you.