Monday, April 28, 2014


I have been having so much fun I forgot about this blog here. So here is an update.

Steve and I have been together now for 10 months. Here are pictures of us on the Seattle Marina.

Also on the same day we visited the Seattle 'Pikes Place' Gum wall which is certified the SECOND germiest place in all of the world.

I have been keeping Steve busy with new places like all the Marinas. Looking at the water with the ones you love is pretty awesome.

At one point my cousins came into town so we all went to breakfast. Here are the four of us.

Jordan has been in gymnastics and attended a 'Owl Nighter' in the gym for Halloween. I took some pics from their FB. Most of them include her friend Angelisa. In the last one Jordan is the Mummy. 

It also has snowed a few times, which Jordan absolutely ADORES, so Here is a pic of her playing in it. 

Last but not least are pics of Jordan, Steve and I everywhere. (The last one is one Steve sent to me on one of our beach walks)

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